Hear Benoit & Sergio’s Thumping “You Might Say”

Hear the blissed-out nine-minute single from the techno duo.

December 04, 2014

Washington, D.C. dance duo Benoit & Sergio have built steady momentum over the past five years with a string of impressive, slick releases of ecstatic techno—and on December 10, they'll release the very aptly titled new EP That's the Party Talking via Culprit. The nine-minute "You Might Say" finds the duo hitting their usual pleasure centers, with a patient, cyclical build reminiscent of 2012's instant-classic "New Ships."

"'You Might Say' emerged during last summer," Benoit & Sergio said in an email to FADER. "We wanted something that sounded like the Beach Boys making dance jams and we also wanted to add a poignant undertow. So the first half of the track is like a wave cresting that breaks midway through and then pulls back into a sea of sound in the last four minutes."

Lead photo: Sandun de Silva

Hear Benoit & Sergio’s Thumping “You Might Say”