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Listen To Listenbee’s Plucky, Pulsing “Save Me”

Hear the new single from the label that launched Kiesza.

December 08, 2014

Lokal Legend is the label that's responsible for introducing Canadian electro-pop ingenue Kiesza to the greater world, and the NYC-based imprint's next release comes from Listenbee, whose "Save Me" pleasingly smacks of Nico & Vinz's smash hit from earlier this year, "Am I Wrong."

"From the moment I heard 'Save Me', I knew that the Listenbee project was the perfect follow up to the Kiesza release," Lokal Legend founder and Kiesza producer Rami Afuni told FADER in an email. "Listenbee breaks down barriers in the Electronic world, while maintaining a strong sense of artistry, musical integrity and songwriting acumen. Listenbee's aesthetic simply aligned perfectly with my vision for the Lokal Legend brand." The single's out today.

Listen To Listenbee’s Plucky, Pulsing “Save Me”