LiL JaBBA’s “Tea” Is For All The Swamp Riders, Apparently

The Brooklyn producer evokes the atmosphere of a moonlit party in the grotto with icey, grime-influenced melody.

December 10, 2014

It seems like Australian-born, Brooklyn-based producer LiL JaBBa is kind of obsessed with evocation of atmosphere—his tracks always sound like soundtracks to specific environments within a world, like in videogames, where there'll be one theme song for a specific area and a different one for another. Talking with The FADER about his track "Skates" earlier this year, he said "I imagine a slab of ice being pushed around on the surface of a frozen lake, a yeti sitting in a frozen ice cave watching little frozen dew drops plinking off the stalagmites." Now he's back to some of his same old tricks with "Tea," which we're premiering today off his forthcoming 47 EP, due December 15 on Local Action (preorder here.) "It goes out to all my swamp riders out there—a silt melody, a moonlight party in the grotto," he told The FADER over email. That imagery isn't essential to enjoying the track—it's an ice-cold melodic ripper in itself, sorta sounding like a grime sea shanty?—but once you've got it you can't let go: that moonlight grotto party lifestyle is addicting.

Photo Credit: LiL JaBBA

Posted: December 10, 2014
LiL JaBBA’s “Tea” Is For All The Swamp Riders, Apparently