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Dream Pop Artist Magic Island Premieres “Wasted Dawn”

It’s the title track from the Berlin-via-Canada artist’s new EP.

December 11, 2014

Berlin-via-Toronto solo artist Emma Czerny releases pretty, lo-fi pop songs as Magic Island. "Wasted Dawn," the title track of her new EP, actually reminds me of waking up early: The synth chirps kinda sound like birds, and Czerny's distant vocals are delivered like a yawn over a tossing and turning backbeat. Her uncomplicated lyrics (Why am I so wasted in the morning?) are buried under layers of fuzz and delay, but as often is the case with these sorts of songs, the muddied atmosphere feels just as crucial as anything she's saying. "Feelings are simple," Czerny told FADER over email. "They are black or white. Whats complicated is everything else—everything around us confusing these feelings." Her Wasted Dawn EP is out February 3rd on Mansions and Millions.

Photo credit: Moritz Freudenberg

Dream Pop Artist Magic Island Premieres “Wasted Dawn”