Beyoncé, Jay Z, Timbaland Sued Over “Drunk In Love” Sample

Hungarian folk singer claims Bey stole her vocals “to evoke foreign eroticism.”

December 15, 2014

Hungarian folk singer Mitsou is suing Beyoncé for copyright infringement, alleging that the superstar ripped of her vocals for "Drunk In Love" without permission, Page Six reports. In the suit, which also names Beyoncé's collaborator (and husband) Jay Z as well as the song's producer Timbaland, Monika Miczura Juhasz (known professionally as Mitsou) claims that Beyoncé sampled and manipulated vocals lifted from her 1995 recording of a traditional Roma song "to evoke foreign eroticism" in the opening of the Grammy nominated song. Mitsou is seeking damages, and to have the song pulled from rotation until her vocals are removed.

B is not the first Carter to be accused of stealing. Just last week, a Manhattan federal district judge dismissed a case that claimed that Jay Z ripped off a single syllable—that first "Oh!" from Eddie Bo's "Hook and Sling – Part I"—for "Run This Town." "There is nothing inherently or especially important about 'oh'," the judge wrote. Maybe Beyoncé can borrow his lawyer.

Photo credit: Jason Merrit/Getty

Beyoncé, Jay Z, Timbaland Sued Over “Drunk In Love” Sample