Doomtree Quack Up In The Video For “Gray Duck”

Doomtree bond like real feathered friends in their new clip.

December 17, 2014

Doomtree's Andrew Melby-directed video for their new single "Gray Duck" features members of the Minneapolis hip-hop collective donning rubber duck masks and menacingly cruising around in a van, running afowl (pun very, very much intended) of a Segway-bound security guard before the group bond together and dumb out to some good-ole-fashioned dubstep. Seriously. It's a fun, stylized clip for the hard-hitting cut from Doomtree's new LP All Hands, which sees release on January 27.

In Minnesota, little kids play a chase game called 'Duck, Duck, Gray Duck'," Doomtree member Dessa explains to FADER in an email. "Then they grow up and find out that the rest of the country calls that same game 'Duck, Duck, Goose.' But by then it's too late--we already learned it, dammit, and we're gray ducks. Doomtree is a rap crew, a record label, and a gang of friends that came up together making music in Minneapolis. Here we're set apart from the major music industry trends that prevail on the coasts, so we're free to follow our tastes into whatever territory they lead, making the game as we go. Our particular tastes have led us to make propulsive rap music, sometimes dark, but usually with a sense of humor too."

Lead photo: Kelly Loverud

Doomtree Quack Up In The Video For “Gray Duck”