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Watch The Mesmerizing Video For George Maple’s “Vacant Space”

One-take performance clip from the London-via-Australia singer.

December 17, 2014

The stunning video for Australian-born, London-based singer George Maple's "Vacant Space," the single and title track from her recently released EP, was done in one take and zooms in on Maple as she cooly performs the song, a gentle cloud of detritus swirling around her. "Vacant Space has become my favourite track on the EP but it took me a while to even decide to include it in on the record," Maple said in an email to FADER. "I guess It's written from a pretty sad place. It's that moment you have where you realise something's not working anymore and you're hanging onto something out of familiarity or comfort. The whole song came together so quickly but it was almost uncomfortable to re-visit after I had written it. I was being honest with myself about a situation for the first time and I don't think wanted to admit it to myself. I think a lot of the time the truth can be a lot more painful to deal with."

Lead photo: Byron Spencer

Watch The Mesmerizing Video For George Maple’s “Vacant Space”