Everything You Need To Know About The Bobby Shmurda Indictment

What you need to know.

December 19, 2014

On Tuesday December 16, 2014, Bobby Shmurda and 14 other members of his GS9 squad were arrested at the infamous Quad Studios. Their arrests came at the end of a nearly two-year long investigation conducted by the NYPD and the city's special narcotics prosecutor. The indictment, which was unsealed yesterday and is embedded below, names 13 defendants. It lists 13 charges on a total of 69 counts. Here's how it all breaks down:


GS9 (stands for G Stone Crips). Out of the 15 arrested, 13 defendants have been named: Ackquille Pollard (Bobby Shmurda), Chad Marshall (Rowdy Rebel), Santino Boderick (Cueno), Rashid Derrisant (Rasha), Alex Crandon (A-Rod), Brian Harvey (Messie), Nicolas McCoy (Montana Flea), Javase Pollard (Fame), Deshain Cockett (D-Boy), Remy Marshall (Fetti), Devon Rodney (Slice), Delroy Edwards (D-Rose), Clevon Pearson (Dread). All 13 have plead not guilty.


East 95th Street from Kings Highway to East New York Ave, or East Flatbush

Why they were under investigation:

The 63-page indictment alleges that GS9 "participated in and agreed to embark upon a certain course of criminal conduct including murder, assault, weapons possession, narcotics possession and sales and other crimes in order to maintain their dominance of that geographic area." It goes on to suggest that they engaged in violent confrontations with members of rival street gangs, including Folk Nation and Brooklyn's Most Wanted, and that they would "often [discuss] their efforts and plotting additional attacks through phone conversations among each and others."

The charges:

The indictment lists 13 charges, a total of 69 counts:

Conspiracy In The Second Degree: 1 count
Conspiracy In The Fourth Degree: 3 counts
Murder In The Second Degree: 1 count
Attempted Murder In The Second Degree: 7 counts
Criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree: 28 counts
Criminal Use Of Firearm In The First Degree: 2 counts
Reckless Endangerment In The First Degree: 4 counts
Reckless Endangerment In The Second Degree: 10 counts
Criminal Control Of Substance In The Third Degree: 2 counts
Criminally Using Drug Paraphernalia In The Second Degree: 3 counts
Attempted Assault In The First Degree: 3 counts
Assault In The First Degree: 4 counts
Assault In The Second Degree: 1 count

Bobby Shmurda's charges:

He faces 5 charges, on 8 counts, including conspiracy to commit 2nd degree murder, conspiracy to commit 2nd degree assault, weapons and narcotics charges. Among those, here is some of what is alleged:

- He was present when shots were fired in the vicinity of the Brooklyn Supreme Court Building in January 2013.
- In a telephone conversation, he told another gang member that he shot a member of a rival gang in May 2013.
- He was involved in the sale of narcotics, including the sale of crack-cocaine.
- In a phone conversation, another gang member alleged that Shmurda was carrying two guns, saying, "Your boy Bobby out here with 2 CDs [code for guns] on him like he in the wild wild west or something." This was April 2014.
- In a phone conversation, Shmurda accuses another gang member of hurting the narcotics business by being too aggressive with members of a rival gang. "He movin' aggressive and you can't do that when you tryin' to make money," he said in May 2014.
- He shot into a crowd of people, shattering a barber shop window, in June 2014. A string of calls between other GS9 guys suggests that he had been pretending to shoot one of their own.
- Shmurda was arrested with another gang member for possession of two guns and narcotics paraphernalia in June 2014.
- A telephone conversation between two GS9 gang members suggests that Shmurda's family in New York were a source for firearms.

Shmurda is being held on $2 million bail. His lawyer has indicated that that Epic has agreed to help Shmurda make bail; he also has called the charges "a bunch of bullshit" and the indictment a "worthless piece of paper."

Other allegations made against GS9:

In addition to drug dealing, the indictment alleges murder, attempted murder, and weapons possession. It links members of GS9 with the murder of a rival gang member, the shooting of an innocent woman, and a shooting outside a nightclub in Miami. Epic-signee Rowdy Rebel faces 7 charges on 11 counts; he's being held on bail for $2 million. The investigation also allegedly turned up 21 guns.

Read the entire indictment, unsealed at State Supreme Court in Manhattan on December 19, here:

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Everything You Need To Know About The Bobby Shmurda Indictment