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Check Out Lil Wayne’s New Face Tattoos

Making use of every inch.

lil wayne
Photographer Jason Nocito
December 22, 2014

Update 12/23/2014: Whoops! Looks like there's a little problem with one Lil Wayne's new tattoos. According to Al Arabiya News, Wayne's Arabic script tat that was supposed to read "momma's boy" reads closer to gibberish when translated properly.

His face real estate is increasingly of the essence, but over the weekend Lil Wayne had two more tattoos permanently inked to his visage—a palm-sized eye on his chin and Arabic script that allegedly reads "Momma's boy" over his eyebrow. The new tattoos are the handy work of San Clemente, California, artist Spider, who showed off his work on Instagram. "Very hospitable, and professional, client," he wrote.

Better pic of @liltunechi_c5. Thanks again, Wayne, and thanks, Devon for being so accommodating.
A photo posted by spider man (@spideytat2) on
Couple pieces I did on my man Li'l Wayne. Very hospitable, and professional client, thanks, Wayne!
A photo posted by spider man (@spideytat2) on

Photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty

Check Out Lil Wayne’s New Face Tattoos