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Joan Didion For Céline Has Us Feeling Feelings

Sartorial and cerebral meet-cute.

January 06, 2015

In a union of the sartorial and cerebral, Céline chose legendary essayist and novelist Joan Didion to front their spring ad campaign. Considering the immense, respective geniuses of Phoebe Philo and Didion, it's difficult to articulate just how much this means to cool, smart girls everywhere. When we first spotted it, our initial reflex was to assume it was dreamed up by some Photoshop angel—but it's real, and dreams do come true. See Céline's spring collection here, and if you haven't read it, for god's sakes go order Slouching Towards Bethlehem here.

Posted: January 06, 2015
Joan Didion For Céline Has Us Feeling Feelings