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Move Your Feet To Youandewan’s “Stak Poly Looms”

Six-minute fast-paced house tune from the Berlin-via-Yorkshire producer.

January 07, 2015

Berlin-via-Yorkshire producer Youandewan has spent the last few years building a reputation for sturdy, warm melodic house music—and "Stak Poly Looms" is no exception. The nearly-six-minute choon is a literal rush, a high-BPM exercise in body-moving with fast-paced hi-hats and drifting synths that would sound perfect in the middle of a cracking dancefloor marathon. The cut's taken from his Spiral Arms EP, which sees release on January 26 via the typically reliable UK house label Aus.

Lead photo: Christina Werner

Move Your Feet To Youandewan’s “Stak Poly Looms”