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Samuel Proffitt and AOBeats Premiere Steamy, Sad “Sirens”

Hear a cut from the post-EDM artist’s debut EP.

January 07, 2015

Following some life-altering shake ups, young dance producer Samuel Proffitt decided to switch up his electronic aesthetic. His new style favors digital moodiness over big-budget ecstasy, as evidenced on "Sirens," his softly sizzling new collaboration with New England-based producer AOBeats. "AOBeats and I went into the song with the mindset of making something multifaceted," Proffitt told FADER in an email. "Besides the clear mythological allusion, the inspiration behind 'Sirens' can be illustrated through the interplay between the voices and the lyrics themselves." The slick production—which features singing from Jeff Sontag, Jess Zobler, and a cartoonishly pitched-up third voice—is off Proffitt's debut release, Blue Notebook No. 10, which drops January 27th.

Photo Credit: Gene Buonaccorsi

Samuel Proffitt and AOBeats Premiere Steamy, Sad “Sirens”