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Tavi Is Still Chic

January 07, 2015

Though she has stepped away from the fashion blogging game to chase theatrical pursuits and, you know, attend college like most 18-year-olds, Tavi is still low-key owning the fashion game. This week, at the season four premiere for GIRLS, Tavi came through in the most casual of looks: a prim blouse, buttoned to the neck, baggy faded jeans, a pair of well-worn classic adidas, and a bold red lip, all topped off with an embellished, fuzzy overcoat. Somehow, she seemed to upstage the show's stars in all their frilly gowns, reminding us that although she may have outgrown her Style Rookie moniker, she no longer a curious outsider peering into the fashion world. After rocking the most avant-garde looks and sitting front row for seasons on end, Tavi knows that flexing in an understated, cozy chic look is the truth. And if Joan Didion's recent Celine campaign is any indication, the laid-back wave is one that can last well into your 80s.

Delightful #TaviGevinson at the @GirlsHBO premiere @tavitulle
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Lead image: Andrew H. Walker/ Getty Images

Tavi Is Still Chic