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Dan Shake’s “Out Of Sight” Is Classic-Sounding House Music

Rub up against a woozy bassline with the dance producer’s latest single.

January 08, 2015

Dance producer Dan Shake was the first non-Detroit-based artist to put out a record on D-based techno legend Moodymann's Mahogani Music imprint, and on new single "Out of Sight," you can certainly hear why he was bestowed such an honor. The tune kicks off with a ceiling-fan vamp and lightly brushed hi-hats before easing itself into a woozy, funk-indebted shuffle that's eventually taken over by a swaying vocal clip and live drum breaks. "'Out of Sight' started as a bit of experiment," Shake tells FADER in an email. "I was messing around with recording some drum fills and loops, then sampling those to bring a more 'live' 4x4 house beat. I really love electronic music with live and percussive elements, which is what I tried to create in this song."

The tune's out on February 2 via the always-surprising Black Acre imprint.

Dan Shake’s “Out Of Sight” Is Classic-Sounding House Music