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Hear Eddie Murphy’s New Reggae Single “Oh Jah Jah”

If you like it, he might release an album.

January 08, 2015

Eddie Murphy, the actor who famously mocked reggae in the SNL skit "Kill the White People," has a new song floating around—and its reggae. But his choice of genre isn't that surprising if you paid attention to his last musical release, the 2013 single "Red Light" which featured then-Snoop Lion. Like "Red Light," "Oh Jah Jah" is a politically conscious song where Murphy touches on corruption, police brutality, and economic imbalance. He comes off as a pretty convincing reggae singer in both tracks too. "Oh Jah Jah" will get a proper release on January 27 via the Caribbean imprint, VP Records. As for whether or not he'll release another album? Murphy told Rolling Stone that he has "20 years of collaborations with other musicians just on the shelf," including another track with Snoop, but it will only see daylight if this song is well received. So rack up those listens below.

Photo credit: Gabriel Olsen/Getty

Hear Eddie Murphy’s New Reggae Single “Oh Jah Jah”