Jib Kidder’s ‘Woke Up Laughing’ Mix Is A Weird, Wandering Collage

From The Roches to Roy Orbison, here’s 19 songs that inspire the weirdo-pop songwriter.

January 08, 2015

Jib Kidder's BandCamp bio reads: "No genre, no hometown, hard 2 pin down since Y2K." It only takes a little more prodding, though, to figure out the loop enthusiast was born in Louisville and raised in Georgia, but that coy description for sure suits his loopy, oddball pop productions, which don't really sound like anything else. He's got a new new full-length coming out this month, and he made this mix—called Woke Up Laughing—to celebrate some of the far-flung jams that inspired it.

According to Kidder, each song on here helped shape the record in some way, but he found the Robert Palmer song that the playlist is named after the most inspiring of them all. "It sticks out strangely from his whole body of work," he told FADER of "Woke Up Laughing" in an email. "...Form disinterested in form, a verse that doesn't mind happening twice, a chorus that is just a hair growing on the back of it, a song with a wide zoom, jerky and fluid, as easy-going as it is anxious." Jib Kidder's new record is titled Teaspoon To The Ocean, features contributions from Julia Holter and OSR Tapes labelhead Zach Phillips, and drops January 26th in the UK and the 27th in the States.

Photo credit: Aaron Stern

Jib Kidder’s ‘Woke Up Laughing’ Mix Is A Weird, Wandering Collage