Kevin Gates Says He Is Having Sex With His Cousin

And he’s not gonna stop.

January 09, 2015

UPDATE 1/13/15 12:40 p.m.: Looks like Gates has deleted the Instagram videos of him addressing having sex with his cousin—not only that, but he's damn near wiped his entire account clean. So it goes.

Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates has built a reputation on a particular kind of honesty. Aside from his often-confessional, extremely impressive lyricism, last summer he voiced his support for ass-eating in the bedroom (pretty good year to do that, admittedly). And he's recently taken this approach to his sex life one step further, posting a few videos on Instagram about how he recently found out that his latest sexual relationship is with his cousin—not that it's gonna stop him from continuing to have sex with his cousin, of course:

This is called "getting in front of the story," and it's actually a pretty smart move, all things considered. You do you, Kevin.

UPDATE 1/9/15 2:20 p.m: The plot thickens: Kevin Gates just went on TMZ Live to explain the details of this bizarre situation, of which his openness towards should be respected on general principle (in my opinion). He officially dated his cousin from 2006 to 2008 and found out from his grandma that they were related "about three or four months after dinner with her." In the interview, he also talks about how he referenced this situation on his latest mixtape, Luca Brasi 2, and says that he wouldn't consider having kids with his cousin—but not for the reasons you think: "I don't think I can have kids no more." Watch the video below.

Kevin Gates Says He Is Having Sex With His Cousin