Lafawndah, Deltatron, Nightfeelings, and Mickey de Grand IV Go To Their “Special Place”

Sultry, moody cut birthed from RBMA’s Tokyo residency.

January 12, 2015

Two days from now—January 14, to be exact—Red Bull Music Academy will release the latest edition of their annual Various Assetscompilation for free. The comp's a 35-track collection of music made by artists at RBMA's Tokyo Academy residency in 2014, with contributions from folks like Deradoorian, WIFE, and Xosar. Various Assets features both solo and collaborative joints, and this moody, nocturnal cut from Lafawndah, Deltatron, Nightfeelings, and Mickey de Grand IV is an exemplary example of the latter. Stream it below—Deltatron provided to FADER some behind-the-scenes info on the track, too:

"I was hanging a lot with Xosar in Tokyo. One day we were coming back from the studio at like 5am and just talking about our lives and we talked about that special place we all have making music, where nobody can say shit to you and you just can be free and happy no matter what. The next day I woke up with lyrics and a melody and I called Nick (Nightfeelings) and met him in the studio so he could drop those beautiful basslines. I made the beat and he just wrapped the whole song in the most badass melodies. We thought this was a pretty funky pop song so we want it to use the big studio room to record vocals and mix it properly... this is not the style of music I make regularly but I wanted a pop song to mix in the big studio. When we thought of singers, the top of the list was Mickey of course (a real G funk master) and Lafawndah (a sweet but powerful Iranian voice) so they jumped in and they killed it, and that's the track."

"Deltatron came up with the concept of the 'Special Place,'" Nightfeelings elaborated to FADER. "It's something that I think most people can relate to, a creative place up in your mind where you can escape when your outside world grows dark. When you're in that headspace and making music nobody can fuck with you. The Special Place can also be romantic, somewhere two (or more) people can share."

Lead photo of Deltratron: Red Bull

Lafawndah, Deltatron, Nightfeelings, and Mickey de Grand IV Go To Their “Special Place”