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Feel The Need For Speed With Flako’s “Kuku”

Deftly sewing together a set of disparate timbres via a careening rhythm, the London-based producer’s new track is pure sonic therapy.

January 14, 2015

London-based producer and Fatima collaborator Flako's new tune "Kuku" is the kind of dance track you don't have to think about much once you put it on—that's not because it's not gripping, but rather because it does all the work in pulling you up to its all-out speed. Taking stylistic cues from a number of sources—those background vocals recall UK grime producer Visionist's e-choir while the marimbas and horns are pure trap—the track finds Flako deftly sewing together a careening rhythm. Flako told The FADER about the origins of its visceral nature: "Kuku is just going mad and transforming it into sounds," he explained over email. "The process of recording it was somewhat of a therapeutic provision and a lot of fun playing percussion. I feel better now. Music heals!" Find out for yourself below.

Photo credit: Mariell Amelie

Posted: January 14, 2015
Feel The Need For Speed With Flako’s “Kuku”