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Life Size Maps Premiere Synthy “Strange Obsession”

From the Brooklyn band’s forthcoming debut LP.

January 14, 2015

Brooklyn outfit Life Size Maps have toiled in their local scene for a little bit now, and on April 7 they'll release their self-titled debut, which was mixed by behind-the-boards vet Chris Coady, via Old Flame. The lead single "Strange Obsession" is a wistful, charmingly airy slice of synth-pop aided by vocalist Mike McKeever's affecting upper register. ""Strange Obsession is magnetic attraction, " McKeever explained in an email to FADER. "It's listening to the same song on repeat forever and binging on anime. It's the anxiety you can't shake when you just want to sleep. It's waking up in the morning and having the same feelings set in when you regain full awareness. It's far from heaven but it's reality."

Lead photo: Liz Renstrom

Life Size Maps Premiere Synthy “Strange Obsession”