Anthony Naples Premieres Harsh House Tune “Abrazo”

From the producer’s debut LP on Four Tet’s Text label.

January 15, 2015

NYC dance guy Anthony Naples has spent the last two years building a reputation as one of the city's brightest lights in underground house music, and on February 17 he'll release his debut LP, Body Pill, on Four Tet's Text label. "Abrazo" is a fuzzy, abstract banger of a tune that could still rattle a club's speakers even as it knocks out your teeth.

"'Abrazo' is just something my friend David always ends his emails with," Naples told FADER in an email. "I was bouncing the song down when he wrote me, and I just used it as a project name. I now know that it means "Hug" or something like that, and so that proves you shouldn't go around using a language you don't understand for titles, but I've done that time and time again so whatever. I just like to use words that friends say to me, or experiences I've had in my life as titles. Another song on the record is called "Way Stone", which was something that my friend Robert sent me via text, when he meant to say he was "Way Stoned". But instead, it makes me look like I play Dungeons and Dragons or some other RPG thing. nevertheless, they are personal to me and my life, and thats what matters when you're making instrumental music - it's the only way I can actually say something with words, for now."

Lead photo: Will Bankhead

Anthony Naples Premieres Harsh House Tune “Abrazo”