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Watch The Colorful Video For Anushka’s Sweetheart Jam, “Kisses”

The Brighton duo’s on-point harmonies work wonders against the video’s playful textures.

January 15, 2015

Anushka are a Brighton, UK based electronic pop group made up of Victoria Port and Max Wheeler, and today we're premiering the candy-colored video for their ebullient sweetheart jam "Kisses." It provides a welcome mental massage on this grey morning, with Port's playful but on-point harmonies perfectly in tune with the video's colorful textures. Port told The FADER that the track's high-spiritedness was there from the beginning: "I woke up one morning and just had the bass line going round in my head, I annoyed my whole family by recording all the separate parts into my iPhone—I do that so I don't forget—and randomly shouting 'BOY' every now and then," she explained. "I had a feeling it was going to be a real vibesy track, but when I showed it to Max I had no idea he would take the production where he did." Wheeler explained how he got there, adding, "I was listening to a lot of Drake at the time lol." Check out the video above, plus listen to an alternative version featuring UK MC Trim below.

Photo credit: Stephanie Smith

Posted: January 15, 2015
Watch The Colorful Video For Anushka’s Sweetheart Jam, “Kisses”