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Take A Peaceful City Walk With The Amazing’s “Picture You” Video

While the days away with the Swedish soft-psych outfit’s nine-minute jam.

January 15, 2015

We featured Swedish soft-psych rockers the Amazing's lovely "The Headless Boy" last week, and now here's the video for another track from their forthcoming LP Picture You (out February 16/17 via Partisan), a languid nine-minute builder of a title track. The video was directed by Shilling & Shilling and features actress Tamsin Topolski walking through a city landscape. "The concept was to bring the album & single artwork to life over 9 minutes and getting the 2 parts of the song to work well together and also being be distinct from one another," Shilling & Shilling told FADER in an email. "The idea of normal people being part of the narrative, while also having a protagonist that holds the whole thing together."

Band member Christoffer Gunrup gave a much, much shorter—but no less sweet!—statement to FADER: "It's about when dreams become nightmares. Wonderful feeling."

Lead photo: Alexander Donka

Take A Peaceful City Walk With The Amazing’s “Picture You” Video