Head To The “Homeland” With Matthew Dear And Joris Voorn

Hear the pairing’s club-ready cut.

January 16, 2015

Dutch DJ Joris Voorn released his latest album, Nobody Knows, late last year—and now he's prepping a record of dancefloor-trained edits from that LP, which'll see release on Monday, January 19. This "vinyl mix" of the record's Matthew Dear collaboration "Homeland" is definitely something we'd like to hear as a DJ cascades from peak-hour enjoyment and into more subtle body-moving material.

"Homeland is a topic all traveling DJ's can relate to," Voorn told FADER in an email. "You lose that sense of home when you're always on the road. From the outside it looks like you're living the life, but reality is usually different, as sometimes the one thing you want most is to be home with family and friends. In that sense it's both an energy and a place. Matthew Dear wrote the lyrics, and is an artist I've been inspired by for more than 10 years. He's incredibly versatile and showed another side of himself than most people know thru his techno stuff. His vocals are almost Tom Waits sounding, very melancholic and deep. He did all the vocal production himself so I didn't have to touch it at all, just did some small edits here and there arrangement wise."

Lead photo of Joris Voorn: Gianni Pisano

Head To The “Homeland” With Matthew Dear And Joris Voorn