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Watch K Rizz Boss Shirtless Duo AHBS Around In New Video

It’s like a weird but welcome documentation of a forest-dwelling cult.

January 21, 2015

It seems like Filipina pop singer K Rizz is the star of literally whatever she does—her presence definitely won't be denied in the video for "Spill," a new track from NY-based duo AHBS for which she provided a guest vocal. In it, she bosses them around like a super-caffeinated cult leader in the middle of a forest (perhaps the scenic Hudson Valley?), instructing them to shirtlessly build her a stage.

The seed for the collaboration was sewn when AHBS saw K Rizz "performing at some party dressed as an angel," which is as good a way as any to meet someone. They sent her an instrumental demo and Rizz hit them back with "Spill," which she said "came to [her] organically. I wanted to make 'Spill' a hit," she explained, "and with a title like that you could never go wrong...ooo boy make me spill." With her recent work also including the jam of jams, "Imagine If," let's hope these hits keep on coming. If you're in L.A., head to The Standard tomorrow night for the video release party, and be on the look out for the release of "Spill" on AHBS' debut album Mate y Agave via Doom Dab this spring.

Watch K Rizz Boss Shirtless Duo AHBS Around In New Video