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Listen To An Elegant Take On Dub Techno From German Producer SCNTST

“Life Of Ares” is taken from his new LP on Boysnoize Records.

January 21, 2015

A friend of mine often references a conversation between Stefan Betke, who records as Pole, and Wolfgang Voigt, often known as Gas, when talking about the feeling of space that dub techno evokes. "It might sound strange," remarked Betke to Voight in the piece, "but I often view the vastness and architecture of the forest as a grid with smaller units defined by particular trees—which is also how I envision the spatiality of dub."

While his imagery is beautiful, I never fully registered Betke's meaning until I listened to "Life Of Ares" by German producer SCNTST. There's definitely something grid-like to SCNTST's elegant take on techno, and with the help of his dub touches it's like foggily looking out through the forest Betke describes. SCNTST told The FADER about how the track's mood developed: "The quality evolved during the process of jamming, as it did for most of the tracks on the record," he explained over email. "Almost all of it was finished in just one session, that definitely helped me to embody the vibe." Stay tuned for the release of "Life Of Ares" on SCNTST's Puffer LP, due February 16th on Boysnoize Records (pre-order it here),

Photo Credit: Loren Samija

Listen To An Elegant Take On Dub Techno From German Producer SCNTST