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Benoit Pioulard Announces New Album, Shares “So Etched In Memory”

Quietly beautiful ambient tune from Thomas Meluch’s fifth album.

January 22, 2015

Thomas Meluch's music as Benoit Pioulard has long occupied two distinct sonic spaces: soft-focus indie-pop and quiet, dusky ambient reverie. For the project's fifth album, Sonnet, Meluch went full-on ambient, and "So Etched In Memory" is a taste of what's to come on that album, which sees release on March 30 via Kranky.

"This particular piece was recorded on my Standard SR-300 reel to reel with the built in microphone," Meluch told FADER in an email. "The guitar loop was something I built up slowly over the course of making breakfast one morning last year, adding a new note every few minutes in between crushing garlic and chopping potatoes.. The loop ran through my amplifier for a half hour or so, until it felt 'full', at which point I started the tape rolling. At the end of the piece you can hear the loop fade, the creak & crack of my wooden floor, and the return of radio interference coming through the amp. It was a perfect sonic complement to the low morning sun and the purring cat on the chair next to me."

Lead photo: Nico Cox

Benoit Pioulard Announces New Album, Shares “So Etched In Memory”