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Cruise With DJ Spinz’ Visual EP Trips

The criminally underrated rapper pushes boundaries with a visual EP.

January 22, 2015

Underrated Atlanta producer DJ Spinz eked out enough time between making pioneering hits and fire mixes to cook up a neat multimedia project of his own. Trips, a so-called visual EP, is comprised of four instrumentals—three collaborations (Metro Boomin, Dun Deal, 808 Mafia) and one solo joint, all animated by wavy DJ Mike Nasty optics. Watch and listen below.

"I believe it is important as creators in our culture to push it forward, and not remain stuck in the same loops. I'm dabbling in whatever I feel like. Who knows where I might end up," Spinz told The FADER. "Smoke to it, trip to it. It'll be on my SoundCloud for you to ride to—do whatever you like to it. I just want you to cruise with me."

Cruise With DJ Spinz’ Visual EP Trips