Boston Bun Will Help You “Levitate”

Jack your body.

January 27, 2015

Long-running French label Ed Banger typically traffics in squelchy, highly irreverent electro—but this tune from dance producer Boston Bun is quite a different look. "Levitate" has a classic Midwestern techno feel, and that's 100% the intention. "'Levitate' is the kind of track to play in an intimate rave, at dawn, when your body is tired enough to let the music control your mind," BB told FADER in an email. "When I made it I was thinking about the feeling you have when you're at a dope party and you are already nostalgic about the fun you've had. The rule of my Just For Freaks series is a 4/4 beat but no clap on the 2 and the 4 to keep all the elements volatile. 'Levitate' was the perfect introduction to this."

And about that Just For Freaks series: the first volume (of which "Levitate" is included on) drops January 26; there's two more volumes on the way, too. Sweet.

Lead photo: Arnold Classic

Boston Bun Will Help You “Levitate”