This Video Of Rae Sremmurd Skateboarding In An Airport Is Perfect

Unlock the swag.

January 27, 2015

God, I fucking love Rae Sremmurd so much. Their excellent debut, Sremmlife, was a potent mix of sweet'n'salty rap that out-rivaled the Whiplash dad's favorite movie snack (popcorn and Milk Duds, right?); it was more than enough to cement Slim Jimmy and Swae Lee as two of the most entertaining entertainers of 2015. Then, they went on ESPN's Highly Questionable and delivered what one very reputable music writer described as his "favorite music video of 2015". True story!

Now, TMZ has video of the brothers Sremm skateboarding and generally unlocking the swag in the baggage claim area of LAX (of course—it's TMZ we're talking about here). They look like they're having fun! I can't skateboard, but if I could, I'd definitely like to skateboard in baggage claim. I'm sure there was a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater level where this was a thing—had to be.

Look, you can pretty much stop watching this after the woman says over the speaker, "There is no skateboard use in the baggage area. Sorry dude." Mostly because some off-camera TMZ guy runs his goddamn mouth about sneakers or some shit for the rest of the clip, but also—like, if you pull some shit like this in the airport, a really precipitous place to fuck around in the last 15 years, and you don't get in trouble and someone over a loudspeaker calls you "dude?" You're legends.

This Video Of Rae Sremmurd Skateboarding In An Airport Is Perfect