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Experience The Cold Radiance Of M.E.S.H.’s “Infra-Dawn”

Chilly-yet-beautiful new song from the Berlin producer.

January 28, 2015

Last year, Berlin producer M.E.S.H. brought us the challengingly enjoyable "Scynthians" on PAN, and now he's back with a new two-tracker, Infra-Dusk/Infra-Dawn, that'll see release on February 19 via Black Ocean. The B-side is surprisingly radiant for something so tech-y and chilly, with glowing tones emerging from the track's hard-hitting, oblong percussive touches. "An oblique construction inspired by early morning recon in shallow orbit over some, shall we say, contested arctic gas deposits," M.E.S.H. told FADER in an email about the track. "A tracer round and a stern DM was enough to chase off today's incursion. Another weird day in space."

Lead photo: J'Kerian Morgan

Experience The Cold Radiance Of M.E.S.H.’s “Infra-Dawn”