DJ Paypal’s New Track On LuckyMe Is The Disco Of The Future

The rapid-fire music producer makes his debut on the renowned UK label.

January 29, 2015

DJ Paypal has been sprinkling the internet with his fresh takes on juke for the past couple of years, including a package of 30 (yes, 30) Drake edits. Now his hustle has earned him a debut release on UK label LuckyMe, aptly titled Buy Now. In the video for EP track "I'm Ready," he seems to have soaked in the '70s vibes percolating through the dance world, inflecting his sound with samples of clanging drums, whistles, and throbbing bass lines. This is the sound of disco set to the breathless pace of 2015. The claymation video above features a repeated loop of a ball morphing into commercial icons, underscoring the charging rhythm of the track.

He told The FADER via email about his unconventional production process: "'I'm Ready' was first written February 4th, 2013 in a dusty American basement overlooking a home theatre system and a dead house plant," Paypal told us. "The final draft was finished June 28th, 2013, in Berlin, and the smell was awful. The project file has been opened three times ever, and features samples from four different records in my collection. My body is here and it goes there."

DJ Paypal’s New Track On LuckyMe Is The Disco Of The Future