5 “Fucking Good Points” From Kanye’s Fashion Los Angeles Awards Speech

“I don’t know if I even made one fucking good point.”

February 02, 2015

Halfway through presenting Milk Studios' Mazdack Rassi with "Fashion Innovator of the Year" at the Daily Front Row's L.A. Fashion Awards, Kanye West confessed to the crowd, "I don't know if I even made one fucking good point." His short address was in line with the impassioned screeds he's delivered about fashion and design in the past: observations on celebrity, style, and zeitgeist, and how the three play into each other, working in tandem. West extended a sincere thanks to Rassi for allowing him to work out of Milk Studios. He also make a few hilariously good points that only 'Ye could make, despite an uncharacteristic humble streak.

1. Designers > Lawyers

"The fashion is what defines the time. People can think they are in a high class or status or contribute more to the world because they work on bombs, or technology, or their school teachers, any of those professions where any time you say it, everyone's like 'You're a lawyer, that's great.' Lawyer? Motherfucker?"

2. Fashion = Zeitgeist

"There are no movies without fashion. We define the times, we set in stone, what did 2015 mean? What did 2014 mean? I always told Anna [Wintour], I want to be in the middle of that conversation... where she was talking about the blue sweater. Me and my crew, these straight black guys from Chicago... wanted to say, let's make the conversation shorter from where the blue sweater goes from a Wang show to when it hits Kohl's."

3. Imagery > Currency

"This is pre-instagram, pre all that shit, before people wanted to show what they had, before imagery was the new currency."

4. Nudity = Illegal

"That word, 'fashion insider'—everyone's a fashion insider. It's illegal to be naked. Everyone has some form of fashion every day."

5. Design = Godly

"I believe God is the ultimate creator... when we create, it's an extension of his work, here on this earth... Design is the closest to truth, problem solving. Truth is the closest to love. Love is the closest thing to God, and God is love. But we have to be unselfish in our approach."

5 “Fucking Good Points” From Kanye’s Fashion Los Angeles Awards Speech