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One Of The Sharks From Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Performance Did A Reddit AMA

“Just another day in KP land.”

February 02, 2015

If you're an American who owns a TV set and pays for cable, you most likely watched human USO show Katy Perry's halftime performance at last night's Super Bowl—which means you probably recognize the image above from the performance. See the shark on the right? Yeah, well, it's 2015 and the internet exists, so the guy in the shark costume on the right has already taken to Reddit to reveal all the secrets behind his toothy trade.

"HELLOOOO EVERYONE!!! Yes I was the shark!!!!!!," Scott Merick confirmed on Reddit, replying to an AMA (that's "Ask Me Anything" for you non-Redditors) request for "Person Wearing Shark Costume at Katy Perry's Super Bowl Halftime Show." He didn't so much do a traditional AMA as he did offer some information in a short post (and, as you could've guessed, this pissed off at least one Redditor) but he still offered some interesting information in his post. For starters: this isn't his first time dancing alongside Perry on stage—he donned a gingerbread man costume in her first California Dreams tour run, and has also dressed as her "big purple cat" Kitty Purry. He's also a Patriots fan—boo. "This is just another day in KP land," he said of his sharky experience, which is at the least an understatement. Check out the post here.

Lead image: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

One Of The Sharks From Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Performance Did A Reddit AMA