French Montana Won A Bowling Tournament Last Weekend

The Bronx block shaker took home the top prize at a celebrity bowling event.

February 02, 2015

As it turns out, French Montana is pretty good at bowling. It had been five years since he'd last hit the lanes, but the Bronx block-shaker and his pro partner Ronnie Russell handily took the top prize at Chris Paul's annual PBA Celebrity Invitational yesterday. "I left it in the hands of God," Montana told PBA after his win over other celebrities like Terrell Owens, Jessie Williams, and Nick Cannon. "As the game went on, we collaborated—I helped Ronnie out and he helped me out. I was trying to learn from him (Russell)." God, teamwork, and also, apparently, a lot of wrist—or, uh, forearm and elbow.

It's all in the wrist !! Shout out to all the professionals that came out !! I won doe juheard !! I told @cp3
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Shout out to @cp3 I put it in god's hand !!!😂😂. #espn #champion
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It looks like French Montana went exotic pet shopping with 2 Chainz this past weekend, too. Best weekend ever, huh?

Photo credit: Jesse Grant/Getty

French Montana Won A Bowling Tournament Last Weekend