Embrace Uncanny Atmospherics With Andrea Balency’s “Deep Sunk”

The Franco-Mexican artist will release her new EP, Volcano, this March.

February 03, 2015

The space between the mind and the body is a reoccurring theme amongst electronic music composers: production lends itself the cerebral realm, and vocals cannot help but inject the sense of flesh and blood. On "Deep Sunk," London-based, Franco-Mexican artist Andrea Balency ekes out an uncanny blend of the two, her voice forming non-verbal notes that pile atop of percussively handled synths. Her vision is total, and it's strikingly effective.

"When I started working on this track I was imagining lines and geometrical shapes and thinking about how they're present in everything we do—in objects, in nature, in the way we think—but sort of distorted and bended," Balency told The FADER over email. "I wanted to translate this idea to music, that gap between geometry and reality. It naturally turned into a deconstructed, tense piece of music where the vocals are bit like the eye of a storm." Bataille Music [LINK?] will release Andrea Balency's new EP, Volcano, on March 16th.

Photo credit: Heather Sommerfield

Embrace Uncanny Atmospherics With Andrea Balency’s “Deep Sunk”