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Chill Out To Sonny & The Sunsets’ “Baby Jokin’”

Light a doobie to the San Francisco janglers’ latest tune.

February 03, 2015

San Francisco janglers Sonny & the Sunsets have built a steady catalog over the last six years, and their latest LP, Talent Night at the Ashram, might just be their best record yet—a fusion of slightly stoney folk-pop pleasantries and grody-neon L.A. rock that sounds just a coastal drive away from what we're used to from the band. "Baby Jokin'" resides in the former category, and the band's Sonny Smith described the easygoing tune to FADER succinctly: ""This is about when you fuck up and try to sell it as a joke." Fair enough! Talent Night at the Ashram is out February 17 via Polyvinyl.

Lead photo: Alice Shaw

Chill Out To Sonny & The Sunsets’ “Baby Jokin’”