Kanye West Clarified His Grammys Comments In NYC This Morning

“Beck know that Beyoncé should’ve won.”

February 09, 2015

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and a stroller presumably containing their child North were spotted by TMZ this morning in NYC, and even though 'Ye's relationship with the paparazzi is strained at best, he was in good spirits this time—presumably because he's riding high after outright stealing the Grammys from everyone last night. In the clip, he talks to a guy in the airport and offers him a new pair of shoes (wonder which ones?), before the TMZ cam guy asks him to elaborate on his much-talked-about comments regarding Beck's Grammy win for Album of the Year last night.

When the pap asks him if he thinks Beck is a true artist, Kanye states, "No, I wasn't sayin' Beck, I was saying the Grammys. Beck know that Beyoncé should've won. You know that." The cam guy then asks him if he'd heard of Beck before last night—pretty fucking insulting question to ask, all things considered! Kanye handled it like a pro, though: "C'mon man, I love Beck! But he ain't have Album of the Year." The TMZ guy also asks him about fashion, and Kanye's response is pretty great—we'll leave you to watch the video to see that, though.

Lead photo: Robyn Beck/Getty Images

Kanye West Clarified His Grammys Comments In NYC This Morning