Mount Bank Crafts Sharp Melodic Ambience On “Everything Is Glass”

Wrap yourself in Donky Pitch’s latest slice of ambience.

February 10, 2015

Donky Pitch have slowly gained a rep as one of the most intriguing and flat-out enjoyable electronic labels the underground currently has to offer. Their latest release is from Brighton producer Mount Bank, who'll release the Island Life EP on the label on March 9; "Everything Is Glass" is a suitable opener for this release, an anthemic swell of synths that perpetually crest until the track fades away. "To me, 'Everything Is Glass' is a love letter to the inaccessible and an unequivocal opener to a record that fights to have a narrative even with its lack of vocals," Mount Bank told FADER in an email. "I've always enjoyed repetition on the piano so wanted to create something both hypnotic and inviting to greet the listener."

Mount Bank has some tour dates coming up too, check 'em out below:

February 12 - Green Door Store - Brighton (with Suicideyear)
February 13 - Birthdays - London (with Suicideyear)
February16 - Servants Jazz Quarters - London

Lead image: Katie Bird

Mount Bank Crafts Sharp Melodic Ambience On “Everything Is Glass”