Spiders Fight In A Cemetery For Retox’s “Without Money, We’d All Be Rich” Video

Arachnophobics beware.

February 10, 2015

Justin Pearson was responsible for one of the most brutal post-hardcore bands of the last 30 years—specifically, the late, great the Locust—and his new act Retox have a similar reputation for going in with fast tempos, searing vocals, and absolute fucking chaos. They just dropped a new album, Beneath California, via the reliable Epitaph, and the video for "Without Money, We'd All Be Rich" captures the band's disgusting (in a good way) intensity by portraying a few kids in the Phillipines fighting spiders in a graveyard. Sick!

"The meaning or concept behind the song comes from the idea that change comes one funeral at a time," Pearson told FADER in an email. "As the world is constantly presenting changes that can and cannot be avoided, some of us will adapt and some of us die. The idea behind the video draws in elements that are unsettling to some, but also shows a way of life in the world, as well as a landscape that a lot of people do not see or even care about, specifically westerners, or some of the 1%, and even others who are submerged in apathy and ignorance."

"In the Philippines, spiders are routinely captured during mating season," director Dennis Bersales told FADER in an email. "These captured spiders are then made to fight each, often times the fights are wagered upon. This past time is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. This is just one of the many quirks of the Philippines that I have been trying to share in my work these past few years."

Spiders Fight In A Cemetery For Retox’s “Without Money, We’d All Be Rich” Video