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Kanye West’s New Sneaker Line Is Dropping On Valentine’s Day

And he gave away the first civilian pair to a Nike fan at JFK.

February 10, 2015

If you're a lonely sneakerhead without any V-Day plans, Kanye is here to save the day: Adidas has confirmed through their app that the Adidas x Kanye West "Yeezy 750 Boost" will drop between Friday and Sunday of this weekend: smack dab in the middle of fashion week. While Kardashian-West friends and family have been getting their mitts on the slouchy grey runners early, Kanye gave away a pair after the Grammys at JFK after seeing a young guy wearing red Nike high tops. He asked the fan whether he'd rather have those, or cop the Yeezy Boosts; the fan gestured towards the latter, and Kanye told the kid that if he trashes the red Nikes, his security will make sure he gets a pair. Adding, "I'm gonna get you some of those. You know what I'm saying? You just need to be enlightened. You just need to feel free, that's what I'm saying. We gonna hook you up today, man. No more oppression." Kanye's Best Week Ever continues. Watch the video over at TMZ.

Lead Image: Christopher Polk / Getty Images.

Posted: February 10, 2015
Kanye West’s New Sneaker Line Is Dropping On Valentine’s Day