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Listen To Lil Kim’s “Trap Queen” Remix

The Queen Bee takes on Fetty Wap.

February 11, 2015

Admittedly, there is not as much to Lil Kim's take on "Trap Queen" as we might have hoped. Clocking in just shy of a minute and a half, she flaunts her cooking couture—La Perla lingerie under a Versace robe—and boasts through quivery Auto-Tune: My Chanel crown on while I'm servin' him lean/ He gonna ride for his baby, because I'm his trap queen. But, hey, we are plenty pleased nonetheless that a true Queen can now count herself amongst the thus far mostly male ranks of Fetty Wap remixers.

Photo credit: Bowers/Getty Images

Listen To Lil Kim’s “Trap Queen” Remix