Enter S U R V I V E’s “Omniverse” With Psychedelic New Video

It’s taken from the recent reissue of the Austin cold wave quartet’s 2012, self-titled LP.

February 11, 2015

While the wider world might more easily associate Austin, Texas, with the annual music festival SXSW, it's also home to a thriving and close-knit music community that The FADER's long been documenting. With the former fast approaching, it feels like kismet that three local labels—Holodeck, 540 Records and Light Lodge—have come together to deliver a welcome reissue of Austin synth quartet S U R V I V E's 2012, self-titled LP. And as part of the record's second life, they've also commissioned videographer Sean Miller to bring album highlight "Omniverse" to life.

The track itself is equal parts bleak and romantic, with a cinematic forcefulness that suggests a considered underlying message. That deeper meaning likely relates to S U R V I V E's cosmology: "The Omniverse is the theoretical source of our universe as well as every other universe in the multiverse," S U R V I V E told The FADER. "When we discovered the word 'Omniverse,' it made such an impression on us that we now call the place where we record Omniverse Studios."

In making the video, Miller met the conceptual heft of the track with some heavy-duty programming. "I developed a feedback instrument in Max/MSP Jitter that utilizes filtered noise patterns to produce abstract 3d forms, which are then augmented with video feedback on a shifting two-dimensional plane," he explained. Rather than try to picture that, you should probably just check out the video above.

Enter S U R V I V E’s “Omniverse” With Psychedelic New Video