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100s Reinvents Himself As Kossisko On “This May Be Me”

Watch the clip for the dark new-wave tune “This May Be Me.”

February 17, 2015

Everything you thought you knew about Berkeley rapper 100s is about to change: he's reinvented himself as Kossisko, with a new sound in tow too. "This May Be Me" sounds like a 1980s soft-rock/new-wave dream, like something Ariel Pink would try to pull off maybe. "This was one of the first songs I wrote when I decided I was ready to let people in and see who I really am," Kossisko told FADER in an email. "I love how dark the song is. I am very inspired by new wave. I love Sisters of Mercy and Billy Idol. I like goth kinky shit like that. I think the song is about the fact that sometimes we end up becoming different people in moments of anger, sadness, fear or passion you know? Acting out of character but in these moments it's your love for a person that is making you act this way, you love them more than yourself."

Lead image: Adam Tillman-Young

100s Reinvents Himself As Kossisko On “This May Be Me”