Electronic Music Pioneer Squarepusher Announces New Album, Damogen Furies

The Skrillex favorite doesn’t disappoint with first single, “Rayc Fire 2.”

February 18, 2015

Two decades on from his debut album, UK electronic music pioneer Squarepusher has announced his 16th LP. It's called Damogen Furies and is due out April 21st via longtime label Warp Records. On first single "Rayc Fire 2," which you can download for free on his website, he shows just why he's so beloved by Skrillex and acid-house ravers alike. While we wait for the record to drop, scope the album trailer, tracklist and upcoming tourdates—including a visit to the US for Coachella—below.


01. Stor Eiglass
02. Baltang Ort
03. Rayc Fire 2
04. Kontenjaz
05. Exjag Nives
06. Baltang Arg
07. Kwang Bass
08. D Frozent Aac

Tour dates:

March 15- La Cartonnerie, Reims, France
March 16 - Le Grand Mix, Lille, France
March 17 - The Old Firestation, Bournemouth, UK
March 22 - Bangface Weekender, Southport, UK
April 4 - Electron Festival, Geneva, Switzerland
April 10 – Coachella, Indio, CA, USA
April 17 – Coachella, Indio, CA, USA
May 3 - Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Cheltenham, UK
May 8 - Brighton Festival, Brighton, UK
May 15 - Garden Hall, Tokyo, Japan
May 16 - The Star Festival, Kyoto, Japan
May 30 - Life Festival, Belvedere House, Ireland
July 31 - Dekmantel Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
August 14 - Boomtown Fair, UK

Lead image: Warp Records

Electronic Music Pioneer Squarepusher Announces New Album, Damogen Furies