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Wez’s First Song Ever Is A Doozy

The Austin singer/producer premieres “The Mood Changes.”

February 18, 2015

Wez is a producer and singer from Austin and "The Mood Changes" is his debut single. According to Wez himself, the tipsy pop song is from a series of tracks he wrote about going out on a Friday night. This one in particular is about that perfect moment when you connect with someone and nab their phone number. I hope when I'm gone you're gonna miss me/ someone pour me another coke and whiskey, his silky voice coasting over romantic chords. It's straightforward—and a little sad—but definitely human. He sings the digits over and over, holding onto that fleeting spark while also maybe headed towards a blackout. "The night might go dark after that," Wez told FADER of the song over email, "but it doesn't matter cuz you got that number. You had that moment."

Lead image: Daniel Dorsa

Wez’s First Song Ever Is A Doozy