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Get Weird With Matias Aguayo’s “El Rudo del House”

Check out the Berlin-based producer’s latest willfully weird tune.

February 19, 2015

There's something about Berlin-based producer Matias Aguayo's music that really gets under my skin. His employment of hissing rhythms and dizzying repetition has been something that's kept him on my radar since 2009's Ay Ay Ay; on March 16, he drops a new release on Comeme, El Rudo Del House (Round One), and the lead title track is as pleasingly, willfully weird as ever. "The title track 'El Rudo del House' is the introduction to a series of dancer and DJ friendly rhythms that consciously trigger different elements of your body mechanics and are accompanied by masks, costumes, and videos featuring special choreography," Aguayo told FADER in an email. "Though it includes samples from heavy plane machinery, for me this track is actually the softest of all the series and is really an introduction to get people into the Rudo vibes. It was definitely not designed for quiet hi fi home listening but, as with all of the El Rudo tracks, for soundsystem gatherings."

Lead image: Sarah Szczesny

Get Weird With Matias Aguayo’s “El Rudo del House”