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HSY’s “Sally” Will Knock The Wind Out Of You

Hear the Toronto group’s chaotic tribute to a perpetually inebriated high school fiend.

February 19, 2015

Technically pronounced "hussy," HSY is a pretty haywire-sounding Toronto four-piece that was started by a guy named Jude (he just goes by "Jude"). On the two-minute "Sally," he splits vocal duties with singer/guitarist Anna Mayberry (also of ANAMAI fame), scream-narrating a song about a bratty friend of his from high school as the song makes its way through a series of whiplash-inducing stops and lurches. It's the a-side from a seven-inch the group is putting out next month, and Mayberry's strikingly Kathleen-Hanna-esque vocal counterpoint—taunting Sally like a caricature of an overly disciplinary schoolmarm—is, of course, a great part of the heavily inebriated fun.

"Sally is about a person I knew in high school," Jude told The FADER in an email. "A girl who would skip class in order to get fucked up on whatever she could get her hands on. The lyrics are a literal narrative of our hangs: Sally wasn't here, she couldn't make it tonight, because she took too many percs and is now vomiting in the Dairy Queen bathroom. Basically, I wrote this song to memorialize those four years of getting fucked up with this girl at school, in the mall parking lot and on the beach." Look out for the release on Buzz Records on March 10th.

HSY’s “Sally” Will Knock The Wind Out Of You