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JNCOs Are Being Revived

20 inch leg openings coming back hard.

February 19, 2015

JNCO, the wide-leg jean label synonymous with '90s fashion, has received a cash infusion from a Chinese investor to relaunch in 2015. WWD reports the comeback will be spearheaded by Andrew Jacouvou, president and CEO of Guotai Litian, and will consist of three capsules: a core collection, a fashion collection, and a heritage range. According to WWD, "The core collection features traditional styles including a knit jean with a slouchy fit; the fashion group has joggers with zip bottoms and a drawstring waist, and the heritage collection offers leg openings of 20 inches and 23 inches, with high waists. All of the product will feature JNCO's crown logo." The collections will be aimed at an age range of 18-35, so not only those who remember the brand first hand, but, as Jacouvou puts it, "a new generation of consumers who will be introduced to the brand's fashion-forward sensibilities for the first time." There's no specific drop date as of yet, but stay tuned.

Posted: February 19, 2015
JNCOs Are Being Revived