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Jack For Days To Wilfred Giroux’s Remix Of Preditah’s “Selecta”

Hear the grime producer’s house-y new tune made even house-ier.

February 24, 2015

Birmingham producer Preditah's made his name with grime—he did a stint as the tour DJ for Skepta, to wit—but his latest single, "Selecta," flirts with house in a way that a lot of grime doesn't. Nifty! And naturally, London duo Wilfred Giroux have turned the tune out further with a four-to-the-floor remix that emphasizes the tune's jacking heart. The single sees proper release on March 8 via 3 Beat.

"I make music for me, not to please anyone else – and I always have done," Preditah told FADER in an email. "If other people like it then great, but I don't feel pressure to keep people happy. I'll never stop making grime, but tracks like 'Selecta' and what I do with 4/4 remixes, mean I can keep exploring, and stay open to new ideas and sounds. The tempo might be quicker, but the bass and the dark edge is there."

Jack For Days To Wilfred Giroux’s Remix Of Preditah’s “Selecta”